Friday, April 20, 2007

Mayonnaise Man.

My assignment: Write a chapter that captures the atmosphere of a car show. Sights, sounds, flavor, or ‘flava’ if you will.

End result: Yet another chapter with one of the main characters, the antagonist, showing more personality yet digging himself deeper. And it's not good stuff he's digging into.

I like this character but not enough to give him the starring role in every chapter. The problem is my protagonist is so much the nice guy he wouldn’t utter a peep if a semi truck was parked on his foot.

Questions: How do you make a protagonist interesting when everyone loves evil characters? How do you ‘un-mayonnaise’ a nice guy protagonist?

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Ris said...

That's a toughy, but my very first thought was, give him something meaningful to fight for. Give him a cause and make his whole existence devoted to the cause so that if it goes wrong, he'll be shattered. Draw a line in the sand and force him to have to step over it or that will be the end. An ultimatum, either from a partner, a spouse, or a financial institute, some reason that losing would destroy his world as he knows. Then he won't be able to be mayonnaise. He'll have to step outside that comfort zone and put it all on the line.

As I said, that was my first thought. My second one might be better, if I have one. I've been consistently short on thoughts today. I blame the sunshine and the gravel I must shovel, shovel, shovel out of my front yard.