Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Leaps, Not Strides

I'm trying to figure out how this can happen with this particular story and not on any other stories I've ever written.

I started a new story today. I debated about it, since I already have five going, but my enthusiasm for the story idea, plus my lack of enthusiasm for my other stuff at the moment, won out, so after making some notes yesterday and doing a bit of research, I was set. This morning, around 7:30, I started.

I haven't stopped writing yet. That is to say, I've taken breaks for things like shower and food and keeping up with Kate, but I'm never gone from the computer longer than a half hour till I'm back, working on a chapter. It's been nine hours now and I've gotten three chapters written. Over 6000 words. It's my best writing day EVER! And I'm not ready to slow down.

So what is it about this story and not one of the other five? I mean, I like my other stories, really. I've hit some plot snags here and there, but none of them are close to being cast aside as failures. They are all good, solid ideas with interesting characters and plots and lively settings. So why has this one particular story just grabbed the bit and ran off with me? And how, oh how can I keep from losing this momentum? Because if I keep this up, I might end up with a completed novel before the month is out.

I don't want to analyze it too much, for fear of scaring off the whatever it is that's working, but it is definitely something to explore. I'm even more baffled since this is a genre I've never actually written in before. But more on that later.

Because I really want to get writing on the next chapter.


Carole said...

Wow! I'm proud of you!

I agree it's probably best not to analyze this too much but maybe this is the genre you were meant for. Either way, go for it!

Ris said...

You know, I've been thinking along the same lines. But since this is the first novel I've tried in the genre, I'll hold the thought until I try another. Especially since this one could always just fall apart at the seams.

But if it doesn't . . . man. I might be on to something.

Oh, and I finished the day at just shy of 8,000 words. WOW! So this must be what Kami feels when she writes!