Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Goals & Meetings

So I completely bombed out on my March goals. I've kept my stories and novel submissions in circulation when they came back to me, but I haven't finished any short stories this month. In part, I was sick. But only in part. I've produced considerable wordage, but nothing that jelled into a story.

However, as Raoul Julia once said in a road race movie, "What's behind you is not important!"

Tomorrow is the first of April. I plan to start on not one but two--two!--novels. I don't guarantee to finish either one in April, but certainly by the end of May. Two novels so I can switch projects if I bog down on one. One science fiction (starship repo man!) and one urban fantasy.

But I'm gonna need some support along the way, I think. So...when are we meeting again?

Monday, March 8, 2010


Things are moving apace.
Got a verbal offer on "7". The verbal offer triggered an agent hunt, and those queries just went out. I like my publisher, but as writing transitions from something on the side to a primary job, I feel obligated to start seeking more options and to negotiate smarter.
Two established authors have asked me to collaborate. I expect to have the first draft of both manuscripts done in four months. When nothing interrupts 5000-6000 words are going on the page between 0600 and 0930. Some of it is decent, too.
And, for some reason, two different chapters of the Romance Writers of America have asked me to put together on-line courses on violence, criminals and cop stuff. That's odd.

Teaching a seminar tomorrow and pitching the Conflict Communications course Wednesday.
Busy is good.