Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Goals & Meetings

So I completely bombed out on my March goals. I've kept my stories and novel submissions in circulation when they came back to me, but I haven't finished any short stories this month. In part, I was sick. But only in part. I've produced considerable wordage, but nothing that jelled into a story.

However, as Raoul Julia once said in a road race movie, "What's behind you is not important!"

Tomorrow is the first of April. I plan to start on not one but two--two!--novels. I don't guarantee to finish either one in April, but certainly by the end of May. Two novels so I can switch projects if I bog down on one. One science fiction (starship repo man!) and one urban fantasy.

But I'm gonna need some support along the way, I think. So...when are we meeting again?


Kami said...

Soon I hope! I've been thinking about INK a lot these past few days. Must be time!

Rory said...

I'm in. Probably. Barring schedule issues.