Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome Mark Jones and Next INK meetup!

Welcome Mark, our newest INK member! Mark is a very patient man, and talented author too with books and story sales left and right. INK is proud to have him onboard.

Next INK meeting is Friday, February 12th, 2010. Since all current members will be at RadCon (most of us in 'interesting' panels too, I believe, ahem), INK will meet when we're all free for a few hours. Maybe at the unofficial INK room Pajama Party!


Kami said...

I'm so there! I just hope we're in the wing with hot water.

Mark Jones said...

I hope we're in the wing with hot water too. Wait--there's a wing WITHOUT hot water? Why wasn't I told?

Tell me more about this unofficial INK room Pajama Party. Inquiring minds want to know.

And what "interesting" panels will y'all be on?

C.S. said...

The unofficial Pajama Party is due to another guest who is staying in our room Thursday night only because it's that or sleep in her car.

No, I made that last part up but we do have another short term guest and she is a she so that puts 3 unrelated women and one man in the room together. Hence, pajama party!

Isn't that what men think?

Obviously, snark is full on today, which is good because I lost it there for a while.

Last year, our room had lukewarm water at the very most. Some of us didn't like it one bit. Others were like, "Eh, just like growing up." Action will be taken more swiftly this year if the same repeats. Plans have been formed. Oh yes, plans.

I'm on a panel about Killer Asteroids. I know nothing. Kami and I are on a panel (during which we could be dancing!) on Limricks. Again, I know nothing and in fact, failed rhyming 101 in grade school. I think I'm on a panel about Evil, not that I'd know anything about that and inanimate POV character panel which I'll do fine

As long as the Absinthe hasn't been opened yet.

Anonymous said...
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