Friday, July 10, 2009

Next INK - July 17th.

Next INK meeting is coming up, July 17th to be precise, at the usual summer venue in Vancouver. Deadline for critique material is one week beforehand. That means today, up until midnight, stuff for critique will be accepted. So far (10 a.m. Friday July 10th), there is nothing on tap to critique.

Don't you just hate it when time sneaks up on you?

At the last INK meeting, writer Mark Jones pulled off what I personally felt was missing in my own writing life -- Talking with excitement on the Joys of Submitting Stories. Thank you Mark! I don't know what exactly you said but it got me up off my butt and I've submitted three stories in the past week. Still looking for a market for a fourth but I'm confident that I'll regain my, um, confidence in that regard.


Mark Jones said...

Glad I could get you fired up! Alas, I haven't submitted anything since before that meeting. Bad writer! No biscuit!

And I don't think I'll be there for the July 17th meeting, that being my lovely and talented wife's birthday. Next time for sure!

Kami said...

Ha! Slid a submission to the group under the door at the eleventh hour!

BTW, got a form reject from Analog. Sad, but expected. Looking at the story again I think I know how to make it better, so I'm going to play with it (bad Kami, bad!) before I send it into the wild again.