Friday, April 3, 2009

State of the Writing

I got a form rejection today, so that means sending out a story today.  I also finished the first draft of a story a couple days ago.  Writing the first drafts has been easy for me lately.  Finding time to edit has been less easy.  I've also been feeling voice-poor lately.  Not sure if that's rational, but something to keep an eye on.  There's a lot of flat writing out there, mainly because people don't let the character emote naturally.  

Once again art and writing parallel.  Gotta relax and not be so tight with that narrative.  Controlling too much kills the kewl.

I'm looking forward to the INK meeting tonight!


C.S. said...

I got notice yesterday that a market holding one of my stories has died. I guess that would be considered a rejection. It also means I have absolutely nothing out at the moment. The stress is just killing my motivation right now.

Kami said...

Send stuff out!!!

Kami said...

Screw motivation!

Kami said...

Send stuff out now!!