Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Adrenaline is my friend

I had my first panicked OMG Nanowrimo is in single digit days moment.  I have an idea, a plan, and inspiration, but what I don't have is a lot of time.  I have to maintain 3000 words a day to make the goal for the month.  That's not a big word count, but that's a big daily word count, if that makes sense.  My writing schedule has been so disrupted I'm a bit worried that I may be out of practice of the daily writing thing.  

Which is one of the reasons why Nano is so awesome--daily writing habits are refreshed and reinforced.  If I didn't do this every year, I'm fairly certain I'd be a much lazier writer.  

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C.S. said...

...which is why you won't fail, if you don't want to bad enough. Don't think like a rabbit in a box, that this is the way life is always going to be. This is NaNo, this is November, and by your standards, you only have three weeks to get 50K done before it's over and you can go back to whatever shall be your regular schedule.

For the record, we're planning on being finished in the same three weeks time. You won't be alone.