Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Writer Want Ads.

Okay, here's something for your brain. Using this Want-Ad post create your own writer want ad. How would it read? What would you look for in a market, an agent, editor, or publisher? How about what you'd want in your own platform and your readers? Will you open your soul to your desires? Will you surprise us with something no one but you knew wanted out of your writing career? Will you be truthful? Or will you hold something back for reasons only you and your potential agent/editor/publisher/reader would understand?

So many directions this could go...


Steve said...

Intermittently brilliant streaky author who interleaves stretches of professionalism with others of supreme apathy.
-be able to periodically deliver portions of shlock mixed with acceptability.
-thrive in the role of the separatist, able to appear briefly in the public eye and turn that into desire for latest work.
-be able to adhere to the rules of the game as written by others.
-love cats or fluffy things that can pass for cats.

Kami said...

Agent with a wicked pen to match a sharp wit ready to go on a publishing adventure across uncharted waters-but there will be no dragons in the fantasy novels written by this Pac NW author. Experience desired but not necessary if part of a respected literary agency. New York location or willing to commute.

Genese Macpherson said...

I am one of the writers at They are still looking for more, if anyone is interested. Here's the link for more info and how to apply: