Sunday, November 4, 2007

8509 words

This year it's a little easier to be on a work schedule and to write, at least so far. I couldn't write at all the first two days but I've caught up, thank goodness. I'm finding a huge advantage to revisiting Mayhem--I've missed these characters and writing with them is like visiting with best friends. Maybe that will make my draft even crappier than usual, but at least it's fun.

I'm writing it in a style waaaay different than normal. Not only is it in first person present, which I normally dislike, but I'm writing very short chapters, 3-10 pages. Writing this far outside my comfort zone for a Nano would probably fail, but with super-comfortable characters it's coming along okay. It's a great learning experience, and it keeps me on my toes without dragging me far out to sea in a riptide. If it stops working I'll probably revert to my normal third person, but I won't go editing back from the beginning to make it consistent until I've given it a chance to rest a couple of months. Then I can read it and decide if I want to keep the first person present or if I want to go back to normal view.
Normal View! NORMAL VIEW!!

That was for the MST3K fans out there.

The story so far--old friends reunite in grim circumstances, the pov character almost dies, and demons attack the fortress. I wonder what the next 42 pages will look like.

Eleven days and counting until my new computer. Just in time. The Finder crashed this morning. Time to back up Gypsy again before imminent catastrophic failure.

Then again, much like the Cascades, you never know what's going to be a full-blown top-exploding eruption and what's going to be another fluffy hiccup.


Ris said...


Tee hee. I love that show.

Congrats on getting enough time to work on Nano this year. Hopefully the month will be less eventful than last year, what with all the flooding.

I think it's great that you are trying something outside your comfort zone. I've been doing that too this Nano and it's working wonderfully. I feel refreshed and I like what I'm writing.

I hope we can get together some time soon! I miss seeing you!

Carole said...

Yes! Outside of the norm is GOOD! Funny how I was just yakking about that yesterday too.

Did anyone have a thought about getting together to write during the week this week? I thought I remembered hearing something about someone wanting to do that.

Also, along these same lines, I was asked by a couple of new-ish NaNo writers yesterday if any of us local writers got together anywhere on a week night to write. Sounded like they were very interested in reading about it if so on the local NaNo forum board.

Kami said...

I have Tues-Thursday off this week and I'd love to get together! I haven't done much on the website except update my buddies so that Carole's new profile is on my list and update my word count and excerpt. It's not as slow as it was just before Nano but it's still not easy for me to navigate the site.

Ten days and counting until the new computer ...