Monday, June 21, 2010

Okay, this is just sad....

No new posts since April? Tsk tsk. No meetings since...what, RadCon in February?

I know we're all busy. I've been busy writing--when I wasn't sick, which seems like all the damn time lately. But even so, since my last post--over the course of April and May--I finished the 98,000 word first draft of my starship repo man novel. I've played goalie for a few shorts that have come back to me in the mail, getting them back into play ASAP. And I've sent out one or two new stories.

And I know y'all have been busy too, but c'mon, fellow Kultists. We might as well all be laboring in solitude for all the group-type work we've done. Really, now, we ought to be doing just a wee bit better, don't you think?

I plan to spend the remainder of June doing a polish on my novel before letting my lovely and talented wife (and first reader) take a look at it. Assuming it passes her inspection, it'll go into the mail to five or six publishers. If it doesn't, I'll clean up the problems and then drop it in the mail. Either way, it'll be done and I'll start looking toward the next novel.

To quote Raoul Julia from some silly road race movie (as he ripped the rear-view mirror from the windshield of his race car and tossed it away, "What's behind me is not important!"