Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fighting Shifting Priorities.

It's probably no surprise to anyone in the know I've been fighting chaos and drama at home for nearly a year now. Lost my first reader, lost momentum time and again, nearly lost point and purpose. I've been asked to do a few things I didn't want to do and I hope to pick back up some I won't entirely let go.

Through it all, while I had cut back dedicated writing from last February 14th through December 28th (no significance in dates), and while I fully realize it's not the weekly chaos, the daily drama that derails me, it's how I react to it all. Coming up on a year since my family came close to losing much due to the dipping job market, I see that this is the new normal and as that I'm not the only one living under this roof, there will always be chaos and drama, every single day. But that doesn't mean I have to walk into that constant pit of despair.

I've been pecking at a project that should have been finished years ago. I wrote my first flash fiction that is marinating for a week before I look at it again and wait for a reputable site to open submissions again. I'm still struggling with the thought that others don't have my best interest at heart. I'm trying to smooth and calm life around me while sticking to my passion here and there. I hope those roles are reversed in frequency some time in the future.

And I want to thank everyone here at INK, past and present, who helped me shape my skills. Thanks for your words. Thanks for your patience.